- Original Dog Art by -
Jean Summerville

Welcome to Dog Art Now!

I offer you dog-lovin art:
bursting with color, inspiration,
and smile-creating flavor.
Perfect for your home, child's room,
office, and beyond.
Enjoy the tour...

Upcoming Shows!

The 37th Annual Fine Arts Sidewalk Festival
Montclair Village
Berkeley California
June 22 23 24

26th Annual Connoisseurs Marketplace
Menlo Park, California
July 21 and 22

Chivva Summer Art Tour
279 east 7th Ave.
Chico, California
August 10

36th Annual Napa River Wine and Arts Fair
Napa, California
September 8

69th Annual Arts Fall Fair
Walnut Creek, California
September 29 and 30

1st Annual Art in the Garden Show
Chico California
October 13 and 14
(this is not open studio tour)

Original artwork available at:

Cory's Country Inn
by appointment only

Original drawings can be seen at
All Cats and Dogs
228 Main Street

T-shirts can be found at
762 Mangrove

Lyon Books
121 West Fifth St.
The Canine Connection
2990 hwy. 32